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AC WATER Leaking


Welcome To AC Repair Service

Welcome to cool air in qatar Company. We are an AC repair and maintenance company in Qatar. Our company is located in Doha. We provide AC repair services all over Qatar. We are working on all kinds of AC repair and maintenance, our air conditioning technician has more than 12 Years experience. We believe in quality customer service.

AC WATER Leaking

AC Water Leaking offers detailed leaking of the indoor and outdoor units with water pressure pump Machine including minor problem-fixing (excluding materials and parts). The service charge varies on your AC amount, height, weight, and difficulties. General Leaking administrations can clean out tidy and other particles interior a well-maintained air-conditioner. Be that as it may, it might not be sufficient in case the unit has not been cleaned for a long time or on the off chance that the unit has been on standby for a long time. The clean, materials, and other chemicals interior the unit might have solidified over time and can’t be expelled by fair water and a few cleanser indeed with the utilize of a compressor. It is amid these circumstances that employing a leaking chemical to clean your AC gets to be necessary. We do AC water wash for the products from Daikin, Samsung, Blue Star, LG, Voltas, also we do AC water wash service to all other manufacturers! just call us for your ac water leaking in this number +97455118576